Which Social Network Is The Best For Your Business?

When promoting your business or company, social media is a great asset! There are so many people on social media sites that you have the potential of reaching thousands of people. The question becomes, which social media site is the right one for you and your brand.

It might seem like there is an endless, and overwhelming, list of social media choices. When starting out, however, it’s best to stick to the big names. They not only have a larger following, but also a clearer niche in the social media world.


LinkedIn In is one of the choices described in this quiz. It tends to be geared towards businesses and networking.  You can see who views your profile, and the crowd tends to be people who are 35 years and older. This is great for those looking to build their list of “connections” and mingle with other businesses. The downside to Linked In is that you are unable to have much of a conversation. Some companies thrive off of having a personal relationship with their clients or, at the very least, being able to reach out to individuals.


Twitter is another “biggie” in the social media arena. It’s fast-paced and allows you to post quickly snippets of information, whether it’s an ad, coupon, comment, an inspirational quote or update. There is a wider audience, and the use of hashtags on Twitter helps spread the word as well. The quick bursts of information, however, can also be the negative side of things. You are limited to posts with 120 characters and that’s it. Also, you are still missing the relationship with clients if that’s something you desire.


Almost everyone between the ages of 8 and 88 has heard of Facebook. Needless to say, it’s popular. Facebook is the place to go if you want to build those personal relationships with clients. You get to communicate with individual customers, and it’s very interactive. You can advertise and post to your heart’s content. The downside here is that you have to earn your following. It doesn’t matter how many great ads you post if there is no one following your page. Once you do the legwork in the beginning to earn the customer’s trust, you are set. Facebook also isn’t the place to make business connections – the focus is on more of a personal level.


Pinterest has become the holy grail to many women out there. Which means that if your primary audience or client base is women, this might be the one for you. Pinterest is also great if your product or business is very visual. It is not a site where you get to talk with customers or communicate through company updates. Everything is visual, through pictures and videos that show the content, culture, personality, and style of your product. Pinterest is more about discoveries, which has the potential to lead to large opportunities.

There are many more social media options besides these four. However, when thinking about dipping your toe into the social media pool, take this quiz to find out the best starting place for you and your business. A few quick questions on our quiz and the right path will be clearer for you!

Which Social Network is the Best For Your Business?

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