Where Should I Travel Next In USA?

Vacation time is finally here!! But…how are you going to pick a destination? Let’s be honest, sometimes just being able to get away is enough of a vacation. However, there is definitely a variety of destination choices. We broke down the destination styles and combined them with top-rated hot spots.

Relaxing Vacation

Are you a lover of the beach? Then you might be headed to Fort Myers Beach in Florida. Those that love the spring and summer, combined with a relaxing itinerary, might make the best beach bums. A vacation to a beach does not necessarily have to include any schedule unless you want it to.

Fall in Love with a Snow

Jumping to the other end of the spectrum, we have the snow bunnies. This is more about the active folks who hate sitting still. A trip to Jackson Hole in Wyoming is best associated with skiing, but can involve outdoor activities during all the seasons. This is best suited for nature-loving individuals that don’t plan on touching the couch.

Be Close to a Nature

On a similar wavelength is a trip to Spokane in Washington, just minus the snow! This is another destination meant for nature lovers or those hippies looking to become one with the outdoors. Don’t go there to sit inside and watch TV, because it is beautiful! This spot is a bit more relaxing than Jackson Hole, just because you don’t feel as tied to a particular activity, as you might with the Wyoming skiing.

Party like an Animal

All the party people in the house shout, “New Orleans in Louisiana!” You don’t need to be a party animal for this trip, but you need to crave a city vacation. This trip is better in the warmer months since it involves lots of walking around. New Orleans has the perfect mix of southern charm with the city happenings of bars, restaurants and people to talk to.

Relaxing with the Family

If you enjoy a city feel, but with a more family-oriented style, then you might want to check out Charleston in South Carolina. You get southern charm mixed with touristy sight-seeing. Charleston is a quieter city though still loaded with restaurants and sites. Plus, it’s in a nice central spot where any season will provide an excellent trip.

Trip to the Capitol    

Finally, a trip to Washington, D.C. is a mix of city-life and educational activities. This is for those who want it all – a city with restaurants and bars, along with family activities and tourist sites. Then top it off with museums and national treasures.

How can you go wrong if you’re going on a vacation? But figure out what destination that will make you the happiest so you feel you get the most of your time away. A few quick questions on our quiz and the right path will be clearer for you!

Which U.S. city should you go to for your next vacation?

Vacation time is finally here!! But…how are you going to pick a destination? Take this quiz to find the spot that’s just right for you.

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