What State Should You Live In?

I heard somewhere before that ‘It Doesn’t Matter Much Where You Live. It Only Matters How Well You Live When You’re There.’ How true is this saying?

Imagine yourself living in a place that doesn’t allow you to be yourself? A place that has nothing you need, but everything you dislike? How is anyone supposed to live well in these circumstances? Where you live is a very important decision in you life. Everyone needs (and deserves) a place that reflects who he is. When you think of someone from New York, you imagine an ambitious, free-spirited person who enjoys Broadway shows, even if that’s not true. And when you think of someone from Texas, you imagine a nice person with a thick southern accent because everyone from Texas is SIMPLY a nice person. And what about  Florida? Aren’t you having flashbacks of your spring break there?

There’s no way you can move to another state without picking up its people’s habits. You are where you live, you breathe your state’s air, you drink its water and you contact its residents everyday. The place you live in has much more impact on you than you are thinking, it’s like everyday you pick up a new habit from the people around you, everyday  you are one step closer to being a ”native” resident there.

If I were to ask you which state reflects your true self, would you happen to know the answer?


Where you live has a lot to say about you, and that’s why you should take our quiz. You need to find out where do you belong to the most, and probably and hopefully get actually to live happily there. There are fifty states in the United States of America; the choice won’t be easy except if you take our quiz.

Take our quiz and find out where does your spirit belong.

What state should I live in?

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