What Should I Study in College?

What Should I Study In College?

Life is so much simpler in high school, even if it did not seem like it, even if you had rough years in high school and didn’t feel like you belonged there at all. In high school, you were not asked to face make-it-or-break-it life challenges, you were a high school student like everyone else around you. In high school, it was okay for you to make wrong choices and horrible decisions, because you were still in a journey to find out more about yourself, about who you are and about how to be a grown-up. The real race begins the moment you graduate. It is only then that you are officially welcomed to the world of grown-ups, and the first ultimate decision you will have to make is to choose what to study in college, if you choose to go college.

What you will choose to study in college is a very substantial decision. It is considered your first step to the future and it will determine your whole life path. It is critical to making sure you don’t get off on the wrong foot when you start your college life. And that is why we are suggesting to take our quiz.

” There is a choice you have to make in everything you do. So, keep in mind that in the end, the choice you make, makes you”  – Nishan Panwar

Whatever you choose to study in college, is going to be your professional field. That is why you need to find a major that you are going to be happy in. If you like what you study, you will do great in it with no doubt. So choose a major that will allow you to shine. Let’s find out together what you should study in college.

Many choices are presented to you when choosing a college major: accounting, applied engineering sciences, global studies in the arts and humanities… And in our quiz we are going to ask you few questions to see what like and based on that direct you to your ideal major.

Take our quiz and chart your ideal path. Find out the major you belong in by clicking below:

What Should I Study in College?

Choosing a college major is the decision of a life time. And because things are never crystal clear at first, this quiz was made to help you make this decision.

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