What Is The Best Video Game Console For Me?

Video game consoles are interactive devices capable of providing amazing entertainment to its users. The latest video game consoles introduced by leading gaming companies have ignited a new passion and interest in gamers around the world. These video games now feature high-definition graphics, eye-catching interface, and perfect sound quality. Video games of today can be carried anywhere since they are developed to be more lightweight, compact and portable. Not only are they used for other purposes such as surfing online, playing back digital images, and controlling DVD players, they are also used for playing videos on a desktop PC, laptop or any other monitor. The gamers, both kids and adults, are now enjoying video games more than ever. If you’re pondering on what is the best video game console you should buy, read on to find out.

What Game Console Should You Buy?

The fast-growing video game industry has made these game consoles available almost anywhere. Tons of people use these devices to not only entertain, but to use them to spend bonding moments with their families and friends.

To consider what makes a good quality console, you should check out the following:

  • Controlling system. It’s important to get powerful, quality controllers to enable smooth interaction with characters and other items on display.
  • Core unit. This is where the gaming console’s major components are connected.
  • Game media. This is where games are saved. It acts as your console’s external storage media.
  • Games consoles come with a warranty. This will cover you for any essential replacement or repairs under specific conditions. To find out which one would suit you, it’s worth comparing other game consoles that have warranties since they can vary between different game console brands and retailers.
  • Power supply. Game consoles should have a DC power system and power supply that converts AC utility power into direct electric current generation. The power supply plays a primary role in delivering the necessary voltage to the device.

In today’s modern day of video gaming addiction, gaming console prices have been significantly slashed since the demand for these devices has improved in global markets. Since demand is high, companies are now able to sell these products at better, more affordable prices. Modern game consoles now include wireless controllers, hard drive with higher gigabytes, Blu-ray discs that support DVDs, and many more.

Best Video Game Console for Family

Wondering about what video game console you should buy? There are a good number of available video gaming consoles today. The best include the following:

Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4)


  • Considered as the most powerful next-gen console of today
  • Widescreen displays outstanding graphics
  • Good launch games
  • More affordable than other video game consoles ($100 less than Microsoft’s Xbox One, which sells $500)
  • Refined gamepad
  • Use it to watch movies or play music wherever, whenever
  • Long battery life (lasts up to six hours)


  • There are some performance problems
  • Social network is on another platform
  • Lacks voice recognition
  • Doesn’t have DLNA compatibility
  • No media playback support
  • PS3 games are not compatible

Microsoft’s Xbox One


  • Powerful launch lineup
  • Comfortable and handsome controller
  • Refined voice control
  • “Snapping” video apps ideal for those who like to multi-task
  • Smooth switching between apps
  • Powerful Kinect voice recognition
  • Great upload studio (used as clip editor)


  • Pricey (retails at $500)
  • Doesn’t offer media playback
  • Voice commands sometimes fail
  • Useless apps in snap mode
  • No rechargeable controller battery
  • Unreliable Kinect voice commands
  • Lackluster design
  • Unwieldy TV integration

Nintendo’s Wii U


  • Affordable compared to other game console systems (retails at $300)
  • You can use various controllers like Gamepad, Gamecube for Smash Bros, Pro and Classic Controller, and Wii Remote among others
  • Fun and exciting games only available on this platform (hey, it’s Nintendo after all)
  • Compatible with old Wii games
  • Stacks up on indie games
  • Excellent Internet browser
  • Refined gamepad (you can use gamepad as TV remote, you can play games straight from the gamepad)
  • Comes with a free HDMI cable


  • Lacks 3rd party support
  • HDMI cable only measures 6.5′ long
  • Game scarcity
  • Sluggish OS
  • Low gamepad controller battery life

Undeniably, the gaming sphere is constantly developing, growing and expanding. This suggested list can help you pick the best video game console out in today’s market. And at least you now know how to pick the right video game console that fits your playing level and budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gaming pro or a neophyte, grab the opportunity to get immersed in an enjoyable and entertaining pastime.

What Video Game Console Should I Buy?

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