What Is The Best Tablet For Me

What Is The Best Tablet For Me?

I am sure everyone who is living in the 21st century is familiar with what a tablet computer is. But in case you have been living under a rock, a tablet is a thin and light, portable personal computer with a touch screen display, that’s slightly smaller than a notebook computer and bigger than a smartphone. Tablet computers have made enormous strides in the last few years. Thanks to its great design and features, a computer tablet is very practical, easy and fun to use.

Fun fact: The first computer tablet that was ever made is the GRiDPad; it was commercialized in 1989.


Why do I need to buy a computer tablet?

  • It’s light to carry around, especially if you like to travel a lot.
  • It’s great for meetings. Taking your notes on your tablet is far easier than taking them on your laptop.
  • It’s cheaper than new laptops.
  • The apps are good.
  • You can use it for professional purposes or as a leisure device (for music and movies or as an e-reader).
  • You can quickly turn it on and complete your task within no time.
  • Photos, videos and video chat.
  • An excellent learning tool for kids.
  • With cloud storage options, storage space is no longer and issue.

What are the different types of computer tablets?

  • Slate Tablets.
  • Mini Tablets.
  • Phablets (Phone + Tablet).
  • Hybrid Tablets.
  • Convertible tablet

What are the possible operating systems for a computer tablet?

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Firefox OS
  • Linux
  • Blackberry OS

How to choose the right tablet for your needs?

You’re probably eager to find out what is the right fit for your own business or personal tablet needs right now. The solution for that is very easy. All you have to do is take our quiz and find out.

Take our quiz and find out what is the best tablet for you.