What is The Best Car For You?

What’s The Best Car For You?

If you ask me, cars are much more than a mean of transportation. Just think about it, many people started their lives in a car (yes, few women gave birth to their children in cars. One woman actually gave birth in her car twice!), many people’s lives ended in a car (sadly), many people live in their vehicle (true) and many people had their best moments in their cars (hearing your baby laugh for the first time, singing your favorite song on the top of your lungs with your best friend, pick up a hot chick…). A car represents a lot in a person’s life, even if we don’t acknowledge it. Remember when you were sixteen, and you were eager to have your first car? That feeling has probably faded away in time, but owning your first car will always be your first actual step towards independence. See! A car is so much more than a mean of transportation.

Lady driver
Let me take your wheel
Smooth operator
Touch my bumper (Bumper)
Hey, let’s make a deal
Make it real
Like a road runner
Coming after you
Just like a hero
Outta the blue
I’ll be your non-stop lover
Get it while you can
Your non-stop miracle
I’m your man

“Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” – Billy Ocean

There are many different kinds of cars, including sports, luxury, SUV’s, minivans, etc. And, there are about 130 car brands in the whole world, 40 of which are available in the united states. Choosing the right car that matches your personality, meets your needs and fits your budget can be a tough decision, but not if you take our quiz.

Fun Fact: About 16 million cars are sold each year in the United States.

A car can tell a lot about its owner, his income, his social status and his taste. Let your car reflect who you are, do not let it give people the wrong impression about you!

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