What Degree Should I Pursue?

The question of what you are going to do for the rest of your life is quite possibly the most daunting thing to think about. Ever. But push that panic attack to the side and take a deep breath, because we can help.

Before you start thinking about the thousands of degree choices available, you should first think about the general field that best suits you. You can do this by thinking about the kind of “mind” you have, or the way your brain works. This typically goes hand-in-hand with your interests. We’ve broken things down into seven different “minds,” which is not to say there aren’t more possibilities out there.

Business Mind

First, let’s discuss the Business Mind. This might be a person who enjoys or is comfortable speaking publicly or in groups. They best explain their thinking in words, whether speaking them or writing them. People with a Business Mind are often good at problem solving and enjoy thinking of new ideas or solutions. They also tend to strive for success. Fields that connect to the Business Mind could be owning your own business, dealing with the financial world, or going into marketing.

Analytical Mind

Next up is the Analytical Mind. These people often prefer working on their own or are at least comfortable with it. The best way for them to explain their thinking is to show it, whether through a picture, drawing, design or something they built. They enjoy putting things together and problem-solving. People with an Analytical Mind tend to look for ways to make things work better. This could include the science or engineering fields, as well as law.

Medical Mind

The Medical Mind has to do with the medical field, as you probably guessed. Doctors, nurses, dentists…you name it. These people don’t necessarily have a preference for speaking publicly versus one-on-one conversations. They, too, best explain their thinking by showing it with a picture, drawing, design or model of some kind. They also enjoy putting things together and problem-solving. They tend to strive for ways to help others and build upon their knowledge, as opposed to finding personal success.

Artistic Mind

The fourth mind is the Artistic Mind. Similar to those with an Analytical Mind, they tend to prefer to work alone or are at least comfortable doing so. Using drawing, designs and models is their easiest way of explaining themselves. They are artsy and want personal success, but also strive to find ways to make things work or function better. People with this mind might be best suited to artists, photographers, designers or advertisers.

Helping Mind

The Helping Mind tends to be those in more selfless fields, such as social work, teaching, community jobs or jobs with animals. Similar to those with a Medical Mind, they don’t necessarily have a preference for public speaking versus private conversations.  They prefer to show, draw or design things that demonstrate their thinking. Sometimes these people will have an artsy side, but their goal in life tends to involve finding ways to help others.

Engineering Mind

Another area deals with the Engineering Mind. Again, there is not necessarily one given preference in regards to public and private speaking. They also like to show or draw things to express their thoughts, but also enjoy building and putting things together. They tend to see how pieces go together in a different way than others might. They are often artsy, but strive to make things work better, whether it’s a building design or a method of dance. The Moving Mind folks tend to be best geared towards architecture, building, social sciences or dancing.

Learning Mind

The final of the seven groups in the Learning Mind. These people tend to veer towards jobs in the language field, writing, or reading arena, such as librarians. They prefer to work on their own, or at least are comfortable with it. They write their thoughts the best and enjoy thinking of new ideas. Not only do these people strive for knowledge, but they thrive off of talking and learning.

It’s a lot to try to absorb, but don’t worry about the specifics just yet. Taking the quiz will automatically use your answers as a guide to your personal “Mind.” A few quick questions on our quiz and the right path will be clearer for you!

What Degree Should You Pursue?

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