What Camera Should I Buy?

What Camera Should I Buy?

Photography is the art of creating images by the action of electromagnetic radiation. The lens helps focusing the light reflected from material stuff to create photos. That is the whole magic of cameras!

The first camera invented in the world:

Alexander Wolcott invented the first camera in the world. There are some rumors about Alexander Wolcott not being the first one to invent the first camera, but he was the one to get a patent for the first camera in 1839. And, by the way, the man was also a dentist. How cool is that?

Cameras Vs. Smartphones:

Most of the people nowadays tend to use their phones to take pictures, especially with the “selfie” and Instagram culture. But despite all of that, the value of a camera never went down. Cameras give you a much better picture quality and a much better performance. Check out the example below. The image on the right was taken by a digital camera while a smartphone took the one on the left.

Cameras do help us capture beautiful moments so that we don’t forget about them, even if we are a little older and our memory became a little hazy. Pictures will help you freeze moments too when you are nostalgic. So if you want to take better photos, put your phone down and pick up an excellent camera to do the job.

“A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye” – Roger Kingston

What are the types of camera I can get?

  • Simple point and shoot camera;
  • Standard compact camera;
  • Enthusiast compact camera;
  • Superzoom Bridge camera;
  • DSLR camera;
  • Compact System camera;

Those are the major types of cameras.

How to choose the best camera for me?

Our quiz can help you do that. We ask a few questions about you budget, needs and photographic skills and then direct you to the type of camera that will suit you the best based on your answer.

Do not let beautiful moments pass without capturing them for later! Take our quiz and find out what camera should you buy.

What Camera Should I Buy?

This Quiz will help you make the right decision and pick the most suitable camera to capture the best moments of your life.

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