How To Create Suggestions

Create suggestion (offer) for your quiz is easy.


  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click on WP Suggester Plugin on the bottom left.wp-suggester-wordpress-admin-dashboard
  3. Click on Suggestions or Click Edit below the Quiz.
  4. Click Add Suggestion.Click Add Suggestion
  5. Filled out Suggestion Name.
  6. Choose either Landing Page or Custom Page  type:
    1. Landing Page – Just enter Landing Page Link here. For example affiliate link to Amazon.Suggestion Landing Ppage
    2. Custom Page –
      1. Enter Suggestion Description
      2. Enter Suggestion Link (for example affiliate link to Amazon).
      3. And enter image URL of the suggestion (for example image of amazon product  where suggestion link pointing) or click Upload Image and choose or upload through WordPress.Suggestion Custom Ppage
  7. Click Create Suggestion button.
  8. Repeat for all suggestions.
  9. Now you can add created suggestions to any quiz.

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