How To Create Quiz

Let’s create first Quiz with WP Suggester.


  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.wp-suggester-wordpress-admin-dashboard
  2. Click on WP Suggester Plugin on the bottom left.
  3. Click Add Quiz.Click Add Quiz
  4. Enter Quiz Name and click Create Quiz.Create New Quiz
  5. You are in Quiz Editor in Suggestions tab now.
  6. Here you can add new suggestions and remove existed suggestions from the quiz. If you would like to add new suggestion then just click Add Suggestion button. If you would like to add existed suggestion to the quiz, then you can do it from Suggestions menu on the left. To remove suggestion from a Quiz just click Remove From Quiz button. If you don’t have any suggestions yet then just click Add Suggestion button and follow this guide.Quiz Editor
  7. After you added suggestions click on Questions tab to create questions, answers and assign suggestions to answers.
  8. Click Add Question.
  9. Enter Question Name.
  10. Filled out Answers, add image link or upload it, choose which suggestions to assign to each answer and choose Points (by default set to 1).Create Question
  11. Add up to 10 Answers if required, minimum 2.
  12. Click Create Question when you finish.

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