How To Configure Quiz

Let’s configure your Quiz with WP Suggester.


  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click on WP Suggester Plugin on the bottom left.
  3. Choose Quiz you would like to configure and click Edit below the name.
  4. Click on Options tab.
  5. Here you will find many options you can update:
    1. Hide Page/Post Comments – You can hide all comments below the page on which quiz was placed..
    2. Hide Page/Post Title – You can hide the title of the page where the quiz was placed.
    3. Show Question Number on Quiz
    4. Quiz Title – You can edit quiz title.
    5. Quiz Description – Optional you can add a description for you quiz.
    6. Start Quiz Button
    7. Start Quiz Image – Optional you can add an image as a start button.
    8. Text for Suggestion Link – At the end of the quiz when suggestion will show up this will be the anchor text for suggestion link.
    9. Text for Suggestion Title – Title of suggestion. For example “You should buy a: DSLR camera”.Quiz Options
    10. Enable Popup – You can enable popup feature and show quiz as a popup instead of showing it in a post. Also if you place quiz in a widget, you can disable automatic popup and quiz will only popup when you press start quiz button.
    11. Popup Effect – Choose one of the 13 popup effects for you quiz for more visibility, or you can choose none.
    12. Popup Loading Delay – After how many milliseconds popups will appear on the page.
    13. Popup Cookie Duration – After how many days popups will show up for the same visitor.
    14. Enable Exit Intend – Enable popup when a visitor is trying to exit from your website.
    15. Exit Intend Sensitivity – Popup will trigger when visitors mouse will be # of percentage from the top of the screen
    16. Enable Test Mode – Enable test mode and a popup will trigger on each page load.Quiz Popup Options
    17. Enable Social Sharing Buttons – Show sharing buttons below quiz when suggestion shows up for a visitor.
    18. Edit Facebook & Twitter default sharing messages – You can edit default sharing text for Facebook and Twitter.Quiz Social Sharing Options
  6. Click Save Options when you finish.

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