Get More Traffic, Leads and Sales with Quizzes

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Get More Traffic, Leads, And Sales By Asking Your Customers "What _____ Are You?"

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WP Suggester - Your New Secret Weapon

This Wordpress Plugin Is The First And Only Quiz Designer To Offer A Wide Selection Of Design Choices, Automated Lead Generation, Internal Product Suggestion, And Analytics All In One.

  • When it comes to driving traffic, generating leads, making sales, and measuring ROI you need one simple software solution that will offer you all that PLUS give you a brand new way to create and distribute interactive content... automatically!
  • Tap into the very same traffic strategy that Mega-Site Buzzfeed used to generate over 40 million views and 3.8 million Facebook shares… But… Take it one step further by adding automated lead generation and autosuggestion sales to create a content creation, distribution, sales funnel all with a few clicks of the mouse…
  • Find new customers and offer custom tailored product and service solutions simply by doing content marketing "upside down" and using this piece of software to have more "fun"… PLUS: Discover how easy it is to track the return on investment for all this "fun" that you and your prospects will have… And trust me… You'll shocked to see the ROI with this software…

How WP Suggester Works


Create custom branded quizzes that match the unique needs of your business, your personality, and your customers.

Choose from over 13 pop-up designs, nearly unlimited visual designs, and absolutely unlimited questions to grab your dream customer is "attention" and keep them there!


Create stunning and effective quizzes in less than five minutes, using our "built for the technologically impaired" quiz creation dashboard.

If you can operate Google, then you have all the technological knowledge you need to design and create traffic driving, lead generating, and sales making quizzes for your business.


You'll be able to instantly share your quiz creation on both Twitter and Facebook simply by clicking a mouse!

And more importantly…

Each quiz comes built with automated social sharing which increases the likelihood of your quiz reaching its viral potential.


What makes WP Suggester so unique is that it has a built in, automated email address collection system.

That means your quiz will be generating warm leads for you and your business 24/7 365 days a week.

And if you use an email service provider that doesn't currently integrate with our software, simply send us an email and will make the integration happen!


There isn't another quiz creator on the planet that can do this:

When your "quiz taker" answers a question, WP Suggester will automatically suggest a unique, related product or service that you have pre-programmed based on the response of the "quiz taker's" answer.

In other words…

It's like having's "customers who viewed this also viewed…" Built right into a quiz making for faster sales, at higher conversions, with less sales resistance.

You'll never find a quiz creator that is this good at selling your stuff.


In order to make sure that you get 100% protection on your investment we built a robust tool of analytics that allows you to measure every last effort put into your quiz campaigns.

You can track total views, conversions, questions answered, and more…

All from a simple, well-designed analytics dashboard.

If you like to measure and know whether your stuff is making money for sure… Then you're going to LOVE the built-in analytics of WP Suggester.

How You Can Use Quizzes Built With WP Suggester

How You Can Use Quizzes Built With WP Suggester Today To Radically Transform The Way You Do Business
Create Your Quiz

In less than five minutes (from start to finish) you’ll have a fully interactive, fully automated, well-designed quiz that will attract your dream client or customer and generate untold amounts of viral traffic. The best part is… You don’t have to be a genius to create the kind of quiz that will generate you real revenue. All you have to do is have fun.

Share Your Quiz

If you have the budget, quizzes are one of the easiest pieces of content to scale with PPC such as Facebook ads. With WP Suggester quiz creation and sharing is so quick and easy that you can swiftly create multiple quizzes, share them via your social media profiles for free, then determine which of the quizzes performed the best. With a few dollars of paid advertising you can rapidly scale the success of your quiz and reach untold thousands of potential customers and clients just waiting for an excuse to find you.

Sit Back And Relax

Here’s the real beauty of WP Suggester: Because of its “autosuggestion” functionality (its ability to suggest purchases to “quiz takers”) you will never have to worry about creating longform sales funnels, complicated autoresponder series, or extensive follow-up campaigns… Because the quiz will sell products for you. But… If you DO want to funnel visitors through and autoresponder series, or perform re-marketing campaigns WP Suggester has you covered there as well with state-of-the-art lead collection technology that out converts many of our leading competitors.


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